Steak Bar Sushi

Why a blog?

Sep 13th, 2021

Why a blog?

Because we need to escape.
Because we have so many things to say.
Because media is crowded with negative topics and we need a window to breathe. Because we need to feed our curiosity.
Because we need to nurture our senses with positive and healthy information.
Because we believe our soul and mind need spicy and rich food.
Because SteakBarSushi is an experience, a vision, a culture…

When we first proposed the idea of a blog, it seemed weird to some people. People perceive us as a restaurant.

But what is a restaurant?

It is a place where people go to meet and have good food with good service.

To us a restaurant is more than this, it is an experience.
But come think of it what is an experience? It is an emotion that we feel in our core that makes us not forget that moment, it is basically freezing the moment, “the now” and reliving it back and forth.

Moreover, Steakbarsushi goes beyond the parameters of a restaurant. We believe that being defined as only a restaurant that serves food, limits our beliefs and values. On a personal level when someone is defined as only one persona, I believe that it defines their identity, which is backed by their thinking, reasoning and activities. For example: being a doctor doesn’t mean you cannot be interested in interior design or even cooking. I believe having different interests can somehow help and give another perspective into your main interest.

That is why Steakbarsushi is not only a place that is interested in food. We love architecture, sports, dancing, gaming, music, books, poetry, travel, nature, and mythical creatures, among other things… This is why, from time to time, we will be discussing different topics. Furthermore, many people who are part of the SteakbarSushi family will be also talking throughout this blog about topics that interest them and us.

This blog will tackle different topics from different genres, we still do not know the topics that we will be tackling. We are leaving this for the uncertain future to decide. It gives it a more thrilling emotion. The intent of it is to show our perspective regarding some things, our point of view. There is no right or wrong, what we will be addressing is definitely open for discussion.