Steak Bar Sushi

What is SteakBarSushi? In the eyes of Charbel

Oct 22nd, 2021

What is SteakBarSushi? In the eyes of Charbel

SteakBarSushi a name that revolves around 3 words: Steak, Bar and Sushi.

Anyone who’s ever experienced SteakBarSushi probably lacks the precise words to describe it. Some will use the word “fusion”, others will say “blend”, or even “unconventional”. But in the end, all these words say the same thing: The limits are blurred, inexistent even, and so are the possibilities. Because, how can you define the limitless?

But if we were to define SteakBarSushi as it is, it revolves around 3 words: Steak, bar and sushi. Basically, it is a place that combines meat, fish and why not throw in some drinks in there? A lot of people will say, “What? Eating meat and fish in the same meal?! No, I can’t do that; you should only have one of these proteins in separate meals” (drinks won’t be a problem as it is always there either in some sort of alcoholic or non- drink).

Now, I am a strong believer in “less is more”, focusing on one thing and mastering it. But what if, in my eyes, those 3 words were actually one. What if in the eyes of other people, that were the case too!

Let’s take the Japanese for instance. I am not going to go through the history of the Japanese cuisine, as any person now can open a new tab and search for it, or if you are looking for a more thorough read, I would recommend

The Zen of Fish by Trevor Corson.

What I want to discuss is “Kaseiki”, a century-old manifestation of Japanese cuisine. It is a way to convey a pattern, time and a moment of being present in the now through the flavor and presentation of the food that you are about to indulge in. What started as a tea ceremony for Buddhist monks in the 16th century morphed into a multi-course meal that brings vegetables, fish and meat together. What is impressive about this old Japanese tradition is that the dishes are connected together, you feel there is a sense of harmony and continuity between them and the time that you are present in. Usually, the menu needs to reflect the current season, through its flavours, colours, and presentation. You might start your meal with some bite-sized appetizers consisting of vegetables, then make your way towards a bowl of rice with some sashimi, and later on, a sizzling grilled Wagyu rib eye. Most importantly, you will be enjoying this meal while somehow feeling a sense of bliss and mindfulness.

Another thing I would like to point out about the Japanese is their “Izakaya”. It’s a Japanese pub where people enjoy a couple of drinks while having small bites that consist of rice, vegetables, meat, and fish among others. It is the place people head to after a hectic day of work, to enjoy music, conversations, drinks, and food.

What is truly astonishing about these pubs is the vibe inside of them; you feel there is a sense of belonging, a sense of community, and most importantly an antidote that helps you end the day on a positive note. After chugging a couple of drinks and shouting “Kanpai” with your shirt covered in some yakitori sauce, your boss won’t seem like a total ass at the end of the day : )

Okay! Okay! We get it, Japan is the “Land of the Rising Sun”, we all now want to watch The Last Samurai and why not throw in some Pokémon with it? (shoutout to all Pokémon fans out there!!). But bear with me a couple more minutes, and you will see how all this interconnects.

There are many more examples of cultures that do enjoy these 3 elements together, such as Latin America, the Caucasus, South Africa, among others. But one that I want to discuss, which is a bit similar to the Japanese in terms of combining meat, fish and drinks together, is the Mediterranean. Some might be surprised! But, to some extent, it is true. You could be in a Lebanese restaurant ordering food and, all of a sudden, you will find yourself eating some steamed octopus with a side of hummus topped with meat. Or you could also be eating some simple grilled fish with a side of warak 3enab filled with meat. Or, why not? Let’s have some kafta with fried calamari on the side while drinking arak and dancing dabke!! The combinations are endless…

The counterargument could sound a little like, “Yes, that’s right but, usually, meat or fish will be the main dish and the others will be sides”. It is true! But again, we eat them together no matter which one of them is the main course.

Other Mediterranean cultures do behave similarly, such as the Italians, who will order some beef carpaccio to start, and for the main course, will have cuttlefish ink risotto while sipping on a glass of Spumante!

Of course, we are not going to talk about every Mediterranean culture that does combine meat, fish and drinks. If you want to embark on this culinary journey, I would recommend reading Mediterranean Feast by Cliffortd Wright.

And, let’s not forget the famous “Surf and Turf” which originated from the coast of the US, initially bringing lobster and steak together!

What we can deduct is that people from different backgrounds, from all over the world, enjoy 3 things to a certain extent: Meat, drinks, and fish. So why not create a place that combines these 3 under one roof?? Why not create a space that allows people with different backgrounds in culture, food, music etc. to meet in one place and create a beautiful atmosphere that is unique.

I know that I didn’t just create the atom, and many other people have done this. But what makes us special is that our place is a blend of years of research and travel across the world, to bring back a tiny detail from any place that I visit. It can be a recipe, ingredients, music, a piece of clothing, drinks, plates… Moreover, the harmony that you witness in our place, either by the blend of music, flavours, or interior design is the work of a very talented team making sure to serve the best experience possible to our guests.

Here again, some people might say why not name it “MeatDrinkFish” then? Well, for 4 reasons:

  1. The word steak makes me drool all by itself, and it means a thick slice of any type of meat. I simply adore steaks, either enjoying an amazing local lamb steak in my hometown of Bekaakafra while overlooking the cedar mountains, or even enjoying a fresh tuna steak with a squeeze of lemon on the beaches of Saida.
  2. The word Bar for me can refer to many things. It’s either a place that serves drinks, or a bar that connects 2 points together, or even the bar that separates small equal parts into which a piece of music is divided.
  3. From the first time I had sushi, until my travels to Japan and my constant exploration of this Divine art, I could not be more amazed by such a delicate art. For me, sushi represents passion, delicacy, and punctuality. Those who have ever tried making sushi rice would know how much time and finesse is required for this task.
  4. Finally, “MeatDrinkFish” is boring. “SteakBarSushi” just has a zing to it.

So what is SteakBarSushi?

SteakBarSushi is a blend of cultures from all over the world, it is a place in which we combine the essence of different cultures and bring them into one place. It is not a restaurant nor a place, it is an ideology. An ideology that revolves around bringing the most unconventional ideas in architecture, sports, dancing, gaming, music, poetry, travel… and mixing them together to form a beautiful blend of an unorthodox multi-sensory experience.


Steak Bar Sushi